Electricity grid

New possibilities to optimize the electricity grid short-term. Enable important data and use this to make the network digitize and more efficient. Functionality from predictive maintenance, to follow up and operation management to minimize costs and/or loss.



Easily integrate data from eSett or other systems through EDI, web API, ftp or smtp. Access relevant weather forecasts from several meteorological institutes, as well as built-in calendar data.


Handle time series from several different sources. Calculate new time series based on others and connect observations series with plane series. Supported by several methods to update plane series including predication with AI and machine learning. Easily add automatic exports to text formats or pdf. Automatic surveillance of all time series.


The presumptions to predict each individual series is different in the reality; differences in available history, patterns and correlations with exogenous variables. Predict automatically finds and train the correct model group for the best precision by support from a wide spectrum of technicians from statistically regression to deep training of neural network.


Cloud service that allows access to updated electricity market data and price information through an easy Add-In for Excel or a web service API. You save a lot of time by easily automate the download of price data directly to your excel files.

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