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Our products

Power Trading

Digitalized power trading includes a high degree of automation and systematic data-driven decisions. Manage both simple and complex portfolios and utilize the power of your data with AI and machine learning.

Power Network

Provides valuable data and uses it to digitize and streamline network operations. Functionality from predictive maintenance, to follow-up and operation optimization to minimize costs and / or losses.


Excellence within advanced modeling with artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as data management and information exchange in the electricity market. Wide expertise and experience from the power market with a focus on the short-term trading that takes place at Nord Pool and regulating markets.

Our expertise

This is what we do best

Physical and financial power trading

Expektra has an extended skill within the power trading, which
covers the whole value-chain, from production and distribution to the final customer.

Expertise within power trading

Long experience and knowledge about the energy system and the power trading. The enterprise
has foremost been active within power trading and electricity production,
but has during the past years also been including power networking.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Data driven management information is here to stay. Expektra has an unique experience of
implementation of the latest science within the power trading.

Demand Flexibility

The Demand Flexibility is a rarely used resource in today’s
on-line power market. Expektra has a wide experience in the subject based on
everything from pilot projects, on-site measurements and tests, to simulations and
analysis. We help you with the questions. What? When? and how much?

Modelling and prediction

Expektra has a proven experience of highly-functioning prediction models,
based on AI and machine learning, with built-in redundancy for optimization
against the real conditions.

The energy industry's data exchange

Skills concerning the power industry’s interface and following praxis
for an effective implementation. Support for Ediel, Nord Pool, eSett etc.

Software development and data base architecture

Long experience of full-stack development, operation and maintenance of redundant
system with high availability.

Pre-study and specification of requirements

Analysis of problems, specification of requirements and proposals for IT-


What our customers say

Kåre Sæther

We are very satisfied with the system and the staff members. High level of
automatization. Flexible and adaptable system, many possibilities to
combinate inputs from several sources (prediction, review’s solution and manual). Good and quick
service. Adaptable and understands the problems of the market.

We use Expektra’s services every day

Lars S Andersson

Expektra’s services has during a long time been contributing to improve the efficiency and to optimize
important processes in our daily business which has saved us both time and money.

Demand Flexibility

Green Connect enables more regulating power resources utilizing demand side flexibility within industries and real-estates.

Both electricity consumers, power retailers and grid owners can take advantage
of flexibility as a resource for balancing the electric energy system.

About us

We provide innovative products and services for electricity trading business, focusing on physical power trading and balancing management.

Expektra’s vision of efficient electric power system means that electricity is generated and consumed
with optimum utilization and minimal environmental impact.

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