Expektra provides tools and advisory services for both trading companies and end customers who are active on the electricity market

Our service

The energy system is changing, in turn changing the requirements on the electricity market
actors. Expektra provides both advisory services and tools.

The shares of renewable power generation from intermittent energy sources such as solar and wind power will increase
gradually to meet environmental targets. Simultaneously the electricity consumption behavior is changing through
increasing micro generation, smart home automation and electric transportation. In addition, there are other challenges within
pricing, trading and risk management in the electricity retailing business.

To meet these challenges Expektra provides tools and consulting services for both
trading companies and end consumers who are active in the electricity market . Expektra possesses broad
knowledge and many years of experience in the electricity market. Unique operational knowledge background from
various positions at different market actors exists in the company.

Example of services

  • Analysis and mapping of site-specific demand flexibility as well as feasibility assessment
  • Optimization of physical energy structures
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Software development
  • Strategies and the development of policy
  • Education
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