Niclas Ehn

Co-founder, CEO & Member of the Board

  • Business analyst consultant, FICO
  • MSc in Energy Systems Engineering
  • BSc in Business
Gustav Bergman

Co-founder, CTO & Member of the Board

  • Business developer and IT consultant
  • MSc edu Energy Systems Engineering
  • BSc in Technology
Per Åslund

Director of Marketing and Sales & Chairman of the Board

  • Head of Nordic B2B Product house, Vattenfall
  • CEO, Fortum Energy Securities
  • Management consultant, Capgemini Consulting
Andreas Johansson

Software Developer

  • BSc in Computer Science
  • Game programmer
Mattias Jonsson

Data scientist

  • MSc in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering
  • BSc in Mathematics
  • BSc in Business
Morgan Svensson

R&D engineer

  • MSc in Machine Learning
  • BSc in Computer Engineering
  • Game Development
Joel Ekelöf

Director of Consulting Services

  • 15 years of experience in energy trading
  • Portfolio Manager, Fortum Portfolio Services
  • Certified Qlikview application developer
Urban Hammarstedt

Senior Expert & Member of the Board

  • Head of Trading, Nord Pool Spot
  • Head of Development and Marketing, Nord Pool Spot
  • Head of Sweden office, Nord Pool Spot
  • Head of Power market Analysis, Birka Energi
  • Head off Production Planing, Operation and Trading at KGS
Nils Nygren

Member of the board

  • Chairman, NordPool
  • Public Affairs, Fortum
  • R&D Director, Birka Energi
  • CEO: Birka Teknik&Miljö AB, Stockholm Energi Elnät AB, Huddinge Energi AB
  • MSc electric power engineering, Chalmers
Lars Nordström

Member of the Board

  • Professor Information Systems for Power System Control
  • Head of department, Electric Power and Energy Systems at KTH
  • Visting researcher UC Berkeley, Visiting Professor WSU
  • Chairman of the Board, Boo Energi
  • Expert reviewer and evaluator for US-NSF & EU-H2020
  • Chairman IEC TC57 Sweden